Standard sea freight

If low costs matter for your shipment, try our sea freight services.

International road

The road transport industry is the backbone of strong economies and dynamic societies.

Warehousing and

Warehouse services can be offered as a single service or combined with transportation.

We are honored to be a leading and reliable partner in the field of multimodal transport in US

At Canava Transport, we know time is of the essence. We have used our legacy Truckload service in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions to shape what our company is today.
Warehousing, Storage and 3PL services offered by the Canava group have become an integral part of our client’s requirements. As our clients continued to demand increased savings and efficiencies in their businesses.
Some images highlighting our warehouse, transport, Cargo and logistics expertise.

What we offer.

Packaged goods transport

Focuses on the packaging requirements of goods in transit, in particular for items traveling overland by road or rail.

Forwarding services

With our extensive network, we will find a competitive and efficient solution to your next assignment.

Multimodal transport

Combined rail road transport is particularly well suited to the shipping of hazardous goods since it reduces risk.

Sea and air freight

By using a combination of sea and air freight, you bring added flexibility to your supply chain.

Warehousing and storage

Canava is able to offer heated or unheated warehouse solutions both for short-term and for long-term storage.

Logistics solutions

Smart and sustainable business requires the skills of logistics experts who are able to think ahead.

From around the corner to around the globe.

We will take care of your cargo or your passenger and deliver them safe and on time.

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