Economic freedom fighters competing with the African National Congress have suffered the absence of elections in KwaZulu-Natal. The event was held in support of the Newcastle District 31 election yesterday.

The effect is probably common in New Castle, but it came as a surprise to many South Africans. The District 31 election saw Team Sugar SA (TSSA) win by a wide margin over the holiday season to finish in second place.
The IFP had previously officially refused to participate in the election, but several network personalities voted nonetheless. As a result, all votes given to ANC, EFF, IFP and impartial candidates now no longer match TSSA votes.
Here are the effects introduced using KZNTV: TSSA: 1203, ANC: 801, IFP: 247, Independent: 102, and finally EFF with 44 votes. Mass events were the biggest losers in this election.
However, the general consensus is that TSSA’s greater investment in elections is not unexpected. The birthday celebration turned into a prominent distribution of furniture to the townspeople during the election campaign.

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