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We the contributors and managers of Assin Akropong Youth Association desire to attract the eye of the complete NPP management each country wide and constituency to the appalling and disrespectful mindset of the polling station chairman for Assin Akropong Electoral area, Mr. Charles Asare popularly referred to as Amelo and the coordinator, Mr. Solomon Danquah additionally referred to as Master Solo.
These humans have teamed as much as save you any developmental task from getting used or being initiated in Assin Akropong which could significantly have an effect on the fortunes of the birthday birthday celebration. NPP Vote Center Chairs and Coordinators have sworn to prevent your organization from meeting its network expansion goals. This is discussed in the subsequent motives.
An audience block of three (3) units built with GETFUND lobbied with Hon. Assin Central MP Kennedy Agyapong has been fired.
The faculty was so devastated that production could not continue. However, due to negligence and negligence of the supervision, the building was handed over to the roof, and the building that was nearly 75% completed was demolished on its own.
This faculty could be a key task for the NPP in other cases, especially since birthday celebrations are tied to general elections.
Part of the network is still struggling to get high-quality drinking water, as the work of solar panels aimed at supplying the network with pumped water is also not mentioned. This operation may not be the most efficient NPP operation that has attracted attention anymore, but it can also reduce complexity within the network.
However, the latter are now not so important, and with their help a lot of misunderstandings within the network about development work begin. They usually do this to encourage people to accept political slot schedules. Because that’s the best way to go network.

Here are just a few reasons to call for a national structure to appoint a chairperson and coordinator to help the network gain and gain visibility in the areas of development it is gaining.

thank you
Signed by: Samuel Asamoah

(Assin Akropong Youth Association President)

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