K.O. In the course of his activities, it is revealed that he hired criminal advisers to help him and his brother and sister, nicknamed when they died in Durban.
While SETE’s hitmaker turned into a murdered man, Siya, Wearplan, etc., who were with him, were charged with murder next to the hitmaker’s brother. K.O. His lawyers had previously referred to him as one of those who had incurred serious costs for being called a comrade, and many relied on the fact that this man or woman was Nota Baloyi. K.O. We have lawyers working on this matter. The SETE hitmaker’s sister, Sia, was murdered in Durban at the time known for the murder.
Following the appearance of CCTV evidence look the overdue rapper`s passing, Siya, Wear Plan, and a part of the alternative folks who have been with him that nighttime were accused of homicide
K.O. wrote on Instagram that one of the folks who made the severe instances in opposition to Otherwise referred to as’ amigos has been delivered in through his attorneys. He assured that the ones people are regarding the life of guiltless people as a power and that they may be all in aggravation and pity.
Individuals spoke back K.O.’s proclamations in his observation location with special feelings. While a few agreed with him, others persisted nighttime out expenses in opposition to every man or woman who changed into with Also referred to as whilst he died.
Rapper K.O., authentic call Ntokozo Mdluli (conceived October 13, 1980), hails from South Africa. He began his career as a man or woman with hip-hop troika Teargas, who released the launch collection K’shubile K’bovu (2006) and the follow-up collections Wafa (2008) and Dim or Blue (2009). ) and Num8er Num8er (2010). (2012).

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