Urban development of Diani, Kenya in recent years has resulted in more electric power lines being installed which has resulted in more monkeys, including the IUCN Vulnerable listed Angolan Colobus Monkey, being electrocuted. Indeed, such incidents now account on average for 30% of all non-natural monkey deaths per annum. The aim of this project is to insulate 6,200m of power lines associated with 19 recognized electrocution 'hotspots' and thereby reduce these avoidable deaths.



The increasing urbanization of Diani has inevitably required additional electric power lines being installed. And to the primates in the area, these appear to be easy pathways between patches of forest. Unfortunately, the consequences often are electrocution and immediate death or, perhaps worse, horrific maiming and a lingering death. Sadly, a total of 93 Colobus have met such a fate over the last 5 years and the number of incidents is increasing annually.



Our solution has 4 approaches: In conjunction with Kenya Power to continue to regularly trim trees that are close to power lines. To lobby Kenya Power to only install insulated power lines and transformers in areas frequented by primates. To encourage property owners to insulate existing power lines within their grounds. And with your help - to buy and install insulation on 6,200m of power lines associated with the 19 identified electrocution 'hotspots'. Every $50 donation will insulate 20m!


Long-Term Impact

Without doubt the insulation of electric power lines associated with the identified electrocution 'hotspots' will reduce the number of Colobus monkeys killed or maimed and thereby significantly help in the sustainment of this IUCN Vulnerable species. In addition, it is hoped the project will make developers and Kenya Power see the benefit of installing insulated power lines in the future and be an example to residents of how they also can help preserve the beautiful Colobus monkey.

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