Support abandoned Children to find local families



Diani Children's Village was initiated in 1994 with intent to Shelter abandoned, abused, and vulnerable children. With poverty being the leading problem, many people can't take care of their infants and end up abandoning them. DCV steps in and takes custody of these children. A medical checkup is undertaken and the best care is administered. Background checkup to trace any living relatives is done and reintegration is encouraged. For those without family an adoption process will start.



The increase in child abandonment has been impacted by the change in the socioeconomic environment. Most individuals are from very economically unstable setups and can't even afford caring for their young ones. Substance abuse and addiction has spiked up the number of unplanned pregnancies has forced many to neglect their babies in most horrific situations. Some are thrown in pit latrines, dumping sites by the wayside. Specialized medical care is offered for their survival.



The project is committed to offering the best neonatal care to each and every rescued child. An extensive background checkup is done to identify any living relatives and also understand the root cause of their abandonment. With this, it becomes easier to handle each baby uniquely Different Childcare programs are initiated to ensure the child is growing safely and in perfect health. The best interest of the child at hand is our priority.


Long-Term Impact

The goal of the project is to ensure a safe and lifelong solution for every neglected case. Understanding each underlying reason behind child abandonment and constant counseling of the family involved will really help reduce any future occurring cases. Acceptance from family members regardless of the status and also rehabilitation can also do away with this societal problem. If in the end each child can be reunited with his /her family, no matter the history, then we will have achieved our case.

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