Support Mahmoud, Illuminate His Path



Through this campaign, we aim to provide comprehensive support to Mahmoud, a young man facing compounded challenges due to the loss of a part of his body and his harsh circumstances in a refugee camp. By offering remote education, appropriate communication tools, psychological support, food baskets, heating means, and opportunities to participate in student activities, we strive to empower Mahmoud to enhance his social integration and build a brighter, better future.



Mahmoud is more than just a name; it's a story that reflects the pain and challenges many face. Mahmoud lost a part of his body due to inhumane bombing. As if this harrowing event wasn't expressive enough of his suffering, he currently resides in a refugee camp with his family, continually confronting the challenges of poverty, cold, and unstable living conditions. As if these challenges weren't enough, Mahmoud had to halt his education due to his injuries and challenging life circumstances 



Through "Masarat" remote education, we can offer him a golden opportunity to resume his education and enhance his future prospects. To bring this vision to life, we plan to provide essential communication tools, such as internet and mobile phones. However, education isn't the only solution; we will also ensure he and his family have food and heating, offer psychological and technical support, and allow him to participate in activities that help break down the walls of isolation he lives within.


Long-Term Impact

The support we extend to Mahmoud isn't just temporary aid. It's a genuine investment in his and his family's future. Returning to education will open new doors for him, psychological support will give him the strength to face challenges, while student activities will assist him in building a new network of relationships. Every bit of support you provide is a step towards a brighter and safer future for him and his family.

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