To meet high travel demand, Emirates is expanding its operations in China ahead of the Lunar New Year by improving connectivity with Chinese gateways. Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing. The event came after borders opened and COVID-related entry restrictions eased. Building on this, Emirates will resume passenger service to Shanghai from 20 January 2023, starting with twice-weekly flights operated by the Airbus A380, with EK302 direct from Dubai to Shanghai and EK303 making a short stop in Bangkok. Afterwards, return to Dubai. . Beginning February 2, 2023, the service will increase to four flights per week on third-class Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. At this time, Emirates flight EK302 departs Dubai at 03:45 and arrives in Shanghai. Hello, it’s 15:40. . The return flight, EK303, departs Shanghai at 17:40 and arrives in Bangkok at 21:45, then departs from the Thai capital at 23:20 and arrives in Dubai at 3:20 the next morning.
Emirates will continue to enhance its Dubai-Shanghai route with daily non-stop service from 1 March 2023. His flight EK304 departs Dubai at 09:15 and arrives in Shanghai at 21:05. Return flight EK303 departs Shanghai at 23:00 and arrives in Dubai at 05:20 the next day.
From 1 February 2023, the airline will increase the number of flights between Dubai and Guangzhou with EK362/EK363 operating direct daily flights on Emirates’ flagship A380. His flight EK362 departs Dubai at 10:45 and arrives in Guangzhou at 21:45. Return flight EK363 departs from Guangzhou at 00:15 and arrives in Dubai at 05:15. Emirates currently operates direct flights from Dubai to Guangzhou with flight number EK362 and a return flight from Guangzhou via Bangkok to Dubai with EK363 four times a week. From March 15, 2023, Emirates Flight EK308/EK307 operating in Boeing 777-300ER Class 3 will return to China’s capital, Beijing, with daily direct flights from Dubai. Emirates Flight EK308 takes off from Dubai. Arrive Beijing at 10:50 at 22:20. Return flight EK307 departs Beijing at 00:40 and arrives in Dubai at 05:00. This will increase the airline’s market share to 21 flights per week, giving business travelers and tourists more options and flexibility, and boosting China’s tourism industry. nation. Tickets can be booked through, the Emirates app or through your travel agent. Travelers are also advised to review the latest entry requirements.
Emirates has been serving China for nearly 20 years and has solidified its presence in the Chinese market through strategic partnerships and continued engagement with the local community during the pandemic. Emirates, through its partnership with China Southern Airlines, offers travelers enhanced connectivity to 24 domestic destinations via Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai, and six regional destinations via Guangzhou, and offers partner airline customers access to six destinations in the Middle East. provide access. and the African region.
Travelers can also take advantage of existing service agreements between Air China, China Eastern, Cathay Pacific and Emirates to access more Chinese cities.