Peoples Democratic Party’s governorship candidate in Delta State, Hon Sheriff Oborevwori, on Thursday met with members of the creative industry with a pledge to develop the sector if elected governor during the March 15, 2023 poll

The Delta State PDP Governorship Candidate for the 2023 general election and Speaker of the State House of Assembly,  Hon Sheriff Oborevwori, has promised to pay close and sustained attention to the development of the Nigerian creative industry and welfare of the practitioners if elected  next Governor of the state. 

At a Town Hall Meeting Thursday with members of the Delta State Creative Industry, in Asaba,  Oborevwori who is also the National Deputy Chairman of the Conference of Speakers of State Legislatures of Nigeria, said he would inspire members of the creative industry with his M.O.R.E Agenda through incentives and the continuous enabling environment to promote their skills and talents.

He said: “While you perform your noble creative duties of providing entertainment and education to the society, my administration by the grace of God, will assist you to create wealth and self fulfilment towards enhancing your destinies. Also, I will ensure the provision of jobs and opportunities to discover more talents and hone their skills”.

“Today, we are all familiar with the exploits and impacts  of Deltans in the  fields of movies, music, comedy and related  performing Arts. Whether by human endowments  and  tourism potentials, our dear state  is easy to pride itself among the 36 states of Nigeria as the unbeatable entertainment hub. We have a very long list of Delta-born actors, musicians, comedians and other creative industry practitioners in Nigeria. Infact, we will not leave here today if I begin to mention their names one by one.The population is huge and everywhere. Hence the popular  saying  among our  people “Delta nor dey carry last “ A befitting recognition and tribute to the leading role of  the state in  the entertainment and tourism sector in Africa’s largest nation”.

According to him: “The creative endeavour including  the film industry  popularly called Nollywood has brought so much pride and  glory to the  nation in local and international circles. It is a fact that Nollywood for instance  ranks second to America ‘s Hollywood and ahead of Indian Bollywood in the global film industry. It is one of the biggest non-oil sectors of the economy with  annual revenue estimated at about $7 billion dollars according to statistics by  the International Monetary Funds,  IMF . Your individual and collective  contributions to the socio- economic development of the  nation and Delta in particular are truly  worthy of  commendation”.

He also expressed gratitude to members of the Delta Creative industry for their immense support to  the  State Government under the  administration of Dr Ifeanyi  Okowa, adding that; “My profound gratitude goes to you  for helping to provide valuable entertainment and at the same time grow the economy of the state,while exercising your  God-given talents.

“Happily, it has been a most  fulfilling and mutually beneficial relationship between you and the state under the visionary leadership of Governor Okowa who has remarkably provided a conducive  environment for the creative industry to blossom.The recent historic opening  of a massive  entertainment and tourism centre,  Maryam Babangida Film Village and Leisure Park, Asaba, is a vivid example of Governor Okowa’s bold commitment to the development and  growth  of the creative and tourism industry”, he stated. 

According to him, the Maryam Babangida Film Village and Leisure Park is so beautiful and  comparable to globally recognized  entertainment and tourism hubs, saying this intervention has placed Delta State on the world map as the headquarters of Nollywood.

Oborevwori reminded them of the candidacy of the State Governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa as Vice President and running mate to Atiku Abubakar under the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) in the 2023 general elections.

He said: “M.O.R.E is my social contract with Deltans and non – Deltans living in the state. The  M.O.R.E Agenda will build on  Okowa’s Stronger Delta agenda, which has ensured  outstanding achievements in infrastructural  and human capital development in all parts of the state. I therefore humbly solicit for your huge support in my ambition  to become the next governor of Delta  State, which is a divine project. On my honour, I urge you all to support me for greater peace and development of the state”.

Oborevwori said his desire is to be a governor for all, irrespective of tribe, religion or social class, adding that; “I will ensure fairness and equity, peace and progress of all while making accessibility my watch word. I have the ability, experience and background to serve and make  Delta greater. God has given me so much grace. I am the  longest serving speaker of the Delta  State House of Assembly. For about six years now, I have enjoyed the goodwill of  my wonderful  colleagues in the House  as we have all worked peacefully together, under my leadership,to make  the Delta  legislature the most stable and vibrant House of Assembly in Nigeria”. 

According to him;  “You are famous and influential stakeholders in the society, as strong  highly visible personalities. My plea is that as role models,  you should join in our  positive campaign to  mobilize the masses to vote for me and indeed all PDP candidates from the presidency, to the Senate, House of Representatives and House of Assembly. My humble request is that  you help to sensitize our people  to vote PDP 5/5”.

“Today, Nigerians are in agony under the failed All Progressives Congress government. There is severe  hardship, hunger, unemployment, insecurity, fear and gloom everywhere. You can all testify that our  nation was far better and safer in terms of living conditions of the people, when the Peoples Democratic Party was in power. 

The  PDP is the only hope to rescue Nigeria from the negative government of APC  which has totally destroyed  our economy”,  Oborevwori said. 

He enjoined them to support him and other PDP candidates with their voices and  votes for  the good and betterment of all. 

“Join us to rebuild Nigeria and reclaim her lost glory.Let me conclude with all sense of modesty and responsibility that,  I have performed creditably well as Speaker of Delta state House of Assembly with the active support of my colleagues. I therefore solicit your collaboration as influencers in the society and  pledge to serve faithfully as  governor  with the M. O. R. E. Agenda”, the governorship candidate further said.